Why we choose krpano as an engine?

krpano - is a small, extremely flexible and high-performance viewer for interactive 3D panoramas on the web. It is based on the cross platform Adobe Flash Player, the world's most popular software platform for the interactive software. This means that the customers don’t need to install anything except Adobe Flash Player to view virtual tours. Also it is available as a HTML5 application.

It has a lot of features

  • krpano delivers high-performance rendering and high-quality image. Also krpano viewer is as small and efficient as it is possible.

  • krpano is the utmost customizable viewer. Everything has settings and it is possible to add custom setting or custom behavior too.

  • krpano has the wide-range of supported panoramic formats and image file-formats.

  • vast images (such as a Gigapixel size panorama of a big city) can be fast viewed due to Multi-Resolution feature. It splits the image in little titles on several levels. The titles will be loaded only when they are needed, so that is why big panoramas are quick.

  • it can use different ways of projecting the panoramic image, such as normal projection, fisheye projection, “Little Planet View”, Cylindrical Fisheye (Pannini Projection) and other.

  • it can handle hotspots, maps, thumbnails, select boxes or any other custom actions which allows to make complex virtual tours.

  • it is easy to integrate it in your site.

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